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Dixon Wrestling Club

Where Champions Begin”

Mission Statement

Dixon Wrestling Club (DWC) is a self-supported program that is affiliated with the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation (IKWF).  DWC is committed to providing a supportive and safe atmosphere for kids in elementary and middle school grade levels that want to learn the sport of wrestling.  Our goal is to teach basic fundamentals and rules of the sport in an environment appropriate for all skill levels and provide a great foundation for learning good sportsmanship, respect, work ethic, physical fitness and the team concept. 

 Core Values:

  • Safety is our top priority.  Wrestlers WILL BE EXPECTED to follow team rules under the direction of the coaches.  Disruption of practice will not be tolerated.
  • Our wrestlers are students first and athletes second.  DWC prepares elementary age students to wrestle at higher levels in middle and high school.  Hopefully become collegiate wrestlers.
  • Sportsmanship is expected from ALL wrestlers, coaches and parents. (Kids of all experience and skills WILL be part of the team
  • Though wrestling is primarily an individual sport, the team concept is an important priority with DWC.  Wrestlers should support their teammates during all competitions.

 Wrestling Goals:

DWC’s goal is to provide the skills to better succeed at the middle school and high school levels in the Dixon School system.  DWC wrestlers shall first support the middle school wrestling program then they may wrestle with DWC.

Requirements for Wrestlers:

  1. Must be 5 years old by September 1st.  Younger wrestlers may be allowed by a case by case basis, approved by the head coaches.
  2. Wrestling shoes, headgear, shorts, shirt or singlet must be worn at practice
  3. Must have shoes, headgear and singlet for all IKWF tournaments.
  4. Work hard to master wrestling techniques and no horse play or goofing around on the mats at any time.
  5. Water bottle is HIGHLY recommended for practice and tournaments
  6. Must Shower after all wresting activities (Practice or Tournaments)
  7. Last but not least, enjoy wrestling and have fun.

Requirements for Parents/Guardians:

  1. Have your wrestler ready for practice and on time. 
  2. Pick up wrestlers on time
  3. Support and encourage your wrestler in all stages and skill levels of his or her development.
  4. Leave the coaching to the coaches – Parents and Guardians are encouraged to become assistant coaches.
  5. Volunteer at our wrestling tournament – this helps fund the DWC and keep cost low to you.
  6. Parents and guardians are not allowed at practice for White and Purple.  5-6-year old’s parents must have someone present in the event of some sort of incident.
  7. All complaints and comments are welcomed and should be directed to DWC President Jay Kemp at 815-631-1877 or in person away from your wrestler and off the mats.

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Dixon Wrestling Club

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